Team development and optimisation


I offer the following services to individuals, groups/teams and organisations throughout South Africa and abroad. Services are tailor made according to the specific needs of the client and are delivered on-site or at venues suitable for the client.

Team Development  and Optimisation
Team development and optimisation refers to the team gaining clarity about roles, boundaries, authorisation, authentication, interpersonal functioning, dealing with conflict and difficult conversations. Team members are assisted to position themselves within their team/group and in the organisation as a whole, refining their value proposition. Included in the interventions is often the drawing of a profile of the team, determining their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats by looking at their social styles, conflict handling styles, Belbin Team Roles and Enneagram profile. Other applicable assessment instruments are also used. Inclusive in optimisation of team functioning is the management of diversity in building an all inclusive corporate culture. I facilitatediversity workshops in which team members can explore their differences, the effects of inclusion, exclusion and discrimination, the value of crossing the boundaries and finding their space in diverse settings. Workshops are designed to enable ongoing transformation and can also include workplace forums for sustainability.